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In the experiment of a sudden chill, the artist Michèle Tassi pursues the progress of an exploration. The presented bodies appear by couple or in groups, appearing by the transparency, which constitutes them, to print on blurred canvas their movement’s imprint.


Where do these faces come from? What do they represent? The artistic creation’s approach suggests silhouettes’s appearance coming to light from the invisible.

In an indefinite space, contrived by the cloth and supported by subtle gradations of blue, green or grey areas of canvas, these silhouettes remind us of specular identities the forms of which sketch a dance route.


However, it could be also, a representation free of forms when the feminine and the male live their completeness in an suggested intention between what, as well, could be named an anima and an animus.


These creatures seem again to arise from the unconscious as well as from the dream. Would they represent then, the persistence of an Image, an Imago divided into halves, doubled in another one picture, through the experiment of an artist?


So, these entities which carry on lines’ imprint, let appear by shading off this impalpable, fleeting world and nevertheless tangible. So these faces splitting into pairs, looking for themselves, grouping together, register on canvas the unspeakable presence, which leads them to live the tangible time of their Appearance.

Born from the painter’s visions, they offer us, long-lived, a buried memory track.


We see them travelling, between heaven and earth, haloed with a luminosity which emanates from the translucent light which lives in them, made at the same time by transparency and by opacity.

Captured on canvas through a plastic art delivered by the impregnation of the inapparent, the artistic creation’s process gives material to be sticked on canvas, whithout being definitive.


Here, the Appearance seems bound to their timeless presences.


Would these faces would like to join while keeping their individuality? What stands out from these paintings is a genesis, the birth of a path. This gives to imagine by imprint, the future life of these beings, close to the archetype.

Michèle Tassi arouses from then on, in her creative search, the archaic memory of the human being in his organic link with earth, ocean, or with an immaterial world engendering the persistence of a kind of silence of movement.

Florence M.-Forsythe, author.

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